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CBD Oil for Horses

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Third Party Testing

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 Naturecan CBD oil for horses is made with our proprietary blend of CBD and CBDA isolate. To achieve this, we refine our human broad-spectrum CBD with advanced chromatography technology and separate the CBD and CBDA from terpenes and flavonoids which may be dangerous to horses. 

    Horse stood next to our CBD oil and Topical balm

    Optimise your horse's wellbeing with our proprietary blend of CBD and CBDA Oil for horses. Studies suggest that horse CBD¬†may have the potential to assist the body in combating numerous ailments and illnesses, including pain, joint issues ¬Ļ, anxiety ¬≤¬†and inflammation ¬≥.

    • Non-toxic, pet-safe CBD oil
    • Specially formulated for horses
    • Free from all traces of flavonoids and terpenes
    • Influences the endocannabinoid system
    • 0% THC guaranteed
    • 100% vegan ‚Äď derived from certified organic US-grown hemp
    • Certificate of Analysis from an independent ISO17025 cert lab
    • Third-party lab tested

    How much CBD for horses should I use?

    With our leading extraction and refinement technology we are able to offer pure, natural CBD which means we can reach the ideal dosage level 

    Give orally or mix with a small amount of food. 

    Daily Dose Based on Weight: 

    CBD Oil for Horses Dosage

    Interested in learning more about CBD pet dosage? Check out our dosage page. 

    How to dose CBD for horses? 

    CBD oil can be given orally before food or mixed with food.

    For quick results administer the drops under the tongue (sublingually) as the CBD will be absorbed much faster into the bloodstream.

    The easiest way to administer sublingually is to face the same way as your horse and use one hand to steady the head and simultaneously lift the lip with a thumb.

    Using the other hand, gently introduce the Naturecan syringe into the corner of the mouth (which will likely cause the horse to lick and chew) and use this opportunity to deposit the oil in the space underneath the tongue.

    Syringes are included with all our CBD Oils to use for sublingual dosing.

    Lady giving her horse CBD oil

    Why CBD + CBDA Isolate for Horses 

    Early studies ‚Āī¬†have suggested the combination of CBD and CBDA may have a strong impact on the wellbeing of our pets, changing the way pet parents think about managing discomfort, stress, itching, cognition, tremors, and many other issues.

    CBD works directly with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), one of the body's largest receptor systems. It regulates many vital processes, including sleep, mood, pain, stress and appetite, and is responsible for maintaining balance or homeostasis within the body. 

    Simply put, whenever the body is out of balance, whether due to irritation, inflammation, discomfort or cognitive issues, the endocannabinoid system’s job is to address the imbalance and bring the body back into a healthy state.

    CBD helps the ECS to maintain balance by preventing enzymes from breaking down endocannabinoids (endogenous cannabinoids, produced by the body), which act as chemical messengers within the ECS. Therefore, by enabling endocannabinoids to continue performing their function, CBD indirectly supports the ECS and contributes to a healthy and balanced internal state.

    CBDA ‚Āī, on the other hand, works as an inhibitor. It targets the COX2 enzyme which alerts the body to pain and inflammation, thereby potentially reducing sensations of pain and discomfort.

    US research ‚Āī¬†indicates that a combination of CBD¬†+ CBDA isolate may be the most effective cannabinoid treatment for pets.¬†


    Isolate cannabidiol (CBD), Isolate cannabidiolic acid (CBDA), MCT (coconut) oil

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