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NAC Supplements

NAC Supplements

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Third Party Testing

Carbon Neutral Company

 Discover our new high purity NAC supplement (N Acetyl Cysteine). Brand new to our Naturecan range, taking one NAC capsule a day may support detoxification, support respiratory health, and could play a role in mental health enhancement, along with overall well-being. Hence, incorporating NAC into your daily regimen is an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their wellness journey. 

Key Benefits

  • 600mg of pure NAC per capsule
  • 60 Capsules per jar 
  • Premium capsule technology 
  • Promotes longevity 
  • May improve cardiovascular & mental health
  • Two-month supply of capsules
  • Suitable for vegans 
  • Made in Europe

Product Overview

Explore our latest NAC supplement, now available in our Naturecan collection! Our NAC supplements aim to support respiratory health, mental health and overall vitality. Integrating our NAC supplement into your daily routine is an exceptional decision for those seeking to elevate their path to wellness.

What is NAC? NAC, which stands for N Acetyl Cysteine, is a supplement form containing the semi-essential amino acid cysteine. It is commonly known as NAC.

What is a NAC supplement? 

When consumed, cysteine transforms, resulting in N Acetyl Cysteine , a potent compound recognised for its antioxidant properties. One of NAC’s potential benefits lies in its ability to create and replenish glutathione, a potent antioxidant in the human body. 

The FDA has even approved  NAC supplements as a drug to treat acetaminophen poisoning, effectively neutralising toxic acetaminophen metabolites in the liver and preventing acetaminophen overdose. However, the applications of NAC extend far beyond its well-established role in boosting glutathione levels and detoxification.

NAC supplement benefits: What this means for you

Several studies have suggested that NAC as a supplement may reduce heart disease risk by preventing oxidative damage. This is potentially completed by reducing oxidative damage to tissues in your heart, which can reduce the likelihood of heart disease, strokes, heart attacks and other serious conditions. 

Furthermore, studies also show that NAC may protect heart function and health in those living with diabetes, along with those recovering from certain heart surgeries

More potential NAC supplement benefits are:

  1. Can make the powerful antioxidant glutathione
  2. Helps with detoxification to prevent kidney and liver damage
  3. May improve mental health conditions
  4. Helps relieve symptoms of respiratory conditions
  5. Boosts brain health by regulating glutamate and replenishing glutathione
  6. May improve fertility in both men and women
  7. May stabilise blood sugar
  8. boosts glutathione levels may improve immune function

NAC powder vs NAC capsules

NAC powder vs NAC capsules both offer the benefits of N-Acetylcysteine, but NAC as a supplement is generally more convenient. 

NAC capsules provide precise dosing, are easy to transport, and avoid the taste issues associated with powder. Capsules eliminate the need for measuring, ensuring consistent intake. They are also typically easier to store and carry, making them ideal for those with busy lifestyles. 

While NAC powder can be mixed with liquids for customised dosages, it may have an unpleasant taste and requires careful measurement. For most users, NAC as a supplement is a more user-friendly and hassle-free option.

How many NAC supplements should I take? 

Simply take one 600 mg NAC capsule per day at the time that best suits your needs. 

Looking to upgrade your everyday supplement draw? Check our full range of vitamins and fitness supplements at Naturecan today, including our popular supplements, NMN, Capsules, Resveratrol, Collagen Peptide Powder, or KSM-66® Ashwagandha  to support your overall health and well-being. 

How to take NAC?

Here at Naturecan, we recommend taking an NAC Supplement with water, preferably with a meal (not on an empty stomach) at whatever time suits you best. 


Allergens: For allergens, see ingredients in bold.

Nutritional Information

60 Capsules / 60 Servings.

Per Daily Serving 

N Acetyl L Cysteine (vegan)600mg

Why choose Naturecan’s NAC capsules?

Naturecan offers an exclusive and extensive range of high-quality health supplements. All of our products are created using industry-leading technology and undergo rigorous testing practices with third parties in order to ensure product quality, customer safety and supply chain transparency.

NAC supplement FAQs

What are the best NAC supplements in the NZ? 

We believe our NAC supplements at Naturecan are the best in the NZ, due to our rigorous third-party testing processes on each and every product we have. This ensures the highest quality supplements and capsules that help to improve your overall health and wellbeing. 

What does NAC do for you?

N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) helps replenish glutathione, a potent antioxidant, supports liver detoxification, boosts immune function, and has mucolytic properties, making it effective for respiratory conditions. It also has potential benefits in mental health by modulating glutamate levels and reducing oxidative stress.

Is it okay to take NAC daily?

Yes, NAC is generally safe for daily use when taken within recommended dosages. Long-term daily use should be monitored by a healthcare professional to avoid potential side effects or interactions with other medications.

What are the side effects of NAC?

Common side effects of NAC include nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, and abdominal pain. Rarely, it can cause allergic reactions or respiratory issues. High doses may lead to headaches and low blood pressure. However, these side effects are rare. Therefore, ensure to consult with your healthcare provider before starting NAC supplementation. 

What food is highest in NAC?

NAC itself is not found in foods, but cysteine, its precursor, is abundant in high-protein foods like poultry, eggs, dairy products, legumes, and nuts. Garlic and onions also contain cysteine.

What does NAC do for drinking?

NAC helps mitigate the toxic effects of alcohol consumption by replenishing glutathione, which aids in liver detoxification. It may potentially help to reduce hangover symptoms and protect against liver damage associated with excessive drinking.

Is NAC anti-ageing? 

NAC has antioxidant properties that may contribute to anti-aging by reducing oxidative stress and inflammation, protecting cellular health, and potentially improving skin health. However, more research is needed to confirm its anti-aging and longevity benefits.

How much NAC to take for weight loss?

There is no established dosage of NAC specifically for weight loss. Typically, NAC supplements range from 600 to 1800 mg per day, but weight loss benefits are not well-documented and should be discussed with a healthcare provider.

Can I take NAC while taking medicines?

NAC can interact with certain medications, including nitroglycerin, blood thinners, and some chemotherapy drugs. Always consult a healthcare provider before combining NAC with other medications to avoid adverse interactions.

Can pregnant or breastfeeding mums take NAC?

No, pregnant or breastfeeding mums should not take NAC. Instead, consult your healthcare provider before taking NAC. While NAC has some potential benefits, its safety during pregnancy and breastfeeding has not been thoroughly studied, necessitating professional guidance.

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