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Micellar CBD Spray

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Take the power of CBD to the next level with our cutting edge delivery system, offering 10mg of quality CBD oil ina newly improved andfast-acting formulation. With this quick and convenient mint-flavoured CBD oral spray, get your CBD dose whenever and wherever you want.

Thanks to a nature-like micellar structure and high solubility in both crystal clear water and fat,Micellar CBD spray is 88% more effective (within 24 hours) and absorbed 16x faster in the first hour (AUC (nmol/Lh)) than regular CBD (1). Therefore, it offers the best value for money and is perfect for beginners.

We only use broad spectrum CBD, which contains non-detectable THC (0.01%) but several cannabinoids and flavonoids that work together to create an "entourage effect". This means that each active component works together to enhance the natural properties of the oil contained in our CBD oil spray.

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