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Hydrolysed Collagen

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Key benefits

  • 800mg high-strength collagen
  • 60 convenient capsules
  • Essential beauty supplement

Product overview

Restore your natural collagen levels with our everyday collagen supplement containing 800mg per serving.

One of the most abundant protein sources within the body, and key compound of connective tissues, our collagen count falls as we age. So, keep your natural levels topped up at all times with these convenient capsules – the perfect fit for any daily beauty regime.


Collagen is a type of protein that’s mainly found in skin, cartilage, tendons, bones, and teeth. Hydrolysed collagen is collagen that has been broken down so that it can be easily absorbed into the bloodstream. Collagen levels start to fall around the age of 25, and this has made hydrolysed collagen a popular supplement among people looking to restore their natural levels. 


Simply take 2 capsules with water every day.

Looking for another addition to your wellness regime? Why not couple our Hydrolysed Collagen with our taste-free Cod Liver Oil Capsules, high in vitamin A, which contributes to normal immune function, skin and vision (1,2,3), and vitamin D, which also supports the immune system, and contributes to normal bones, muscles and teeth (4,5,6,7).


Hydrolysed Bovine Collagen, Bulking Agent (Dicalcium Phosphate), Capsule Shell (Gelatine).


Serving size: 2 capsules
Per pack: 60 capsules

Nutritional InformationPer Daily Serving
Hydrolysed Collagen800mg







Why choose Naturecan?

Naturecan offers an exclusive and extensive range of high quality health supplements. All of our products are created using industry-leading technology and undergo rigorous testing practices with third parties in order to ensure product quality, customer safety and supply chain transparency.

1. Vitamin A contributes to the normal function of the immune system.
2. Vitamin A contributes to the maintenance of normal skin.
3. Vitamin A contributes to the maintenance of normal vision.
4. Vitamin D contributes to the normal function of the immune system.
5. Vitamin D contributes to muscle function.

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